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Personal Training

personal trainingReach your goals with the help of a caring and qualified coach. Programming includes flexibility, core, balance, and strength training — all essential for daily living and injury prevention, no matter your age or current fitness level.

Group Fitness

group fitness

Fun and accountability in a group exercise format. Classes incorporate strength training and stability work, and we always have fun! See class schedule for current offerings, locations, and times.

Remote Coaching

remote coachingCoaching for clients anywhere. Workouts, nutrition guidance, and encouragement to develop habits for long-term success. Get strong and healthy without fitness and diet rules taking over your life.

  • 5
    "Working out with Jamie over the past 3.5 months I have gained muscle and slimmed down. . . I love how Jamie structures my workouts to strengthen my weak areas and helps me progress in my goals."
    Crystal, online coaching client
  • 5
    "Jamie is awesome. I do her Circuit Training Class and I'm sorry when our hour is over and always want more. As a Senior she has helped me with my balance!"
    A.W., group fitness client
  • 5
    "Jamie has been an amazing addition to my self-care commitment. From the very beginning, she was dedicated to finding out as much as she could about my body, my limitations and my goals . . .
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    . . . We all need someone to push us, to listen to our concerns, to inspire us and to just be a good friend. Jamie is all of that wrapped up in a super-smiley, down-to-earth, good-hearted person."
    Shelly, personal training client
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    "Jamie is the best, in the 12 weeks I trained with her she taught me exercises for the whole body and the proper form for each one. I also learned to push myself further than I thought I could."
    Sue, personal training client
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    "Jamie is always well-prepared. Keeps workouts varied and fun. Can push you as intensely as you would like. Very good at maximizing value of an exercise through correct form."
    Christy, personal training client
  • 5
    "She keeps us moving! I enjoy the variety of exercises that we get from her every week- Jamie is great!"
    Anne, group fitness client